French Pronunciation (Phonetics)

French Pronunciation (Phonetics) is a course designed to improve your French pronunciation and listening skills. This course is designed for all levels. Learners who aspire to work or travel to a French-speaking country or who want to take an exam (DELF/DALF) in French are highly recommended to pursue this course. By the end of the Course, you will be able to do the following:
  • Master your French pronunciation
  • Produce most important French sounds clearly with a French accent
  • Understand the phonetic alphabet (IPA) and how it relates to pronunciation and the French alphabet
  • Learn to recognize the French sounds
  • Speak and read French correctly
  • Boost confidence in speaking
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    Topics  Covered

    • Knowledge of important sounds and when & how to pronounce them
    • Sounds of consonants & combinations of consonants
    • Sounds of vowels and combinations of vowels
    • Combinations of vowel and consonant letters
    • Final Consonants
    • Difference between the sounds of consonants in the beginning, middle or end of a word
    • Nasal Sounds
    • Silent consonants
    • Variations of ‘O’
    • The French ‘U’
    • The French ‘R’
    • Knowledge of different types of Liaisons
    • Aspirated and mute H concept
    • French Accents
    • Diphthongs and ligatures
    • Concept of loaned or borrowed words
    • Clear explanations of Pronunciation rules
    • Ample of interactive listening and speaking exercises to practice your pronunciation
    • Common mistakes to avoid
    • List of exceptions

    Please Note:  This course is NOT meant for complete beginners with ZERO knowledge of French language, it is for the learners who want to improve their French pronunciation and have basic knowledge of French language.

    French Pronunciation (Phonetics)
    3 Weeks
    ₹3000 / $45 / €50
    24X7 Support by Teacher
    Twice a Week Classes
    Individual Attention
    Unlimited free revision sessions
    Group of maximum 5 Students
    Focused on Speaking and Reading
    Lifetime access to books, audios, videos, recorded sessions and study material over Google drive
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