FRENCH A1 LEVEL is a beginner-level course. Our Teacher focuses on all four aspects of Language (Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading). By the End of LEVEL A1, you will be able to do the following:
  • Greet Someone
  • Present Oneself
  • Talk about your City
  • Present your Family
  • Tell your preferences
  • Buying & Selling different products
  • Ask Date, Time & Day from someone
  • Acceptance & Refusal (Proposal/Invitation/Messages)
  • Reading Short Texts such as E-Mail, Advertisement, Posters
  • Fill-in variety of Forms.
  • Write an E-Mail, Letter, Postcard
  • Easily appear for DELF A1 Exam
  • En Route to French - FRENCH A1 LEVEL COURSE

    Topics  Covered

     Vocabulary Topics

    • Alphabet
    • Salutations
    • Family name & First Name
    • Marital status (married / single)
    • Residence
    • Days of the week
    • Months
    • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
    • Colours
    • Adjectives
    • Seasons
    • Personal items
    • Various objects near you (in your office, in your room, at your home, at your desk)
    • Places in the town
    • Time
    • Nationalities
    • Professions
    • Routine Activities
    • Animals
    • Food & Beverages
    • Body parts
    • Countries & Cities
    • Family
    • Prices
    • Weather / Climate
    • Means of transport
    • Directions
    • Rooms & objects in the House

     Grammar Topics

    • Subject pronouns
    • Present tense
    • Helping verbs: to be, to have
    • Regular ER, IR and RE verbs
    • Irregular ER, IR, RE verbs
    • Affirmative and Negative sentences
    • Answering a negative question
    • Interrogation (the 3 forms)
    • Interrogative pronouns: Where, When, How much etc
    • Interrogative adjectives
    • Definite and Indefinite articles
    • Partitive articles
    • Contracted articles
    • Demonstrative adjectives
    • Possessive adjectives
    • Agreement of Adjectives
    • Position of adjectives
    • Adverbs of quantity (a few, a lot)
    • Expressions of Places: go to / come from a city or country/ live in a city or country
    • There is / There are
    • Reflexive verbs
    • Connectors: and, or, but, because

     Speaking Topics

    • Greet somebody
    • Introduce yourself or somebody else : tell your name, spell your name, tell your age, nationality & profession
    • Talk about your family
    • Talk about your hobbies
    • Describe something or somebody
    • Ask and tell the price of an object
    • Talk about quantity
    • Describe the weather
    • Ask about the day, date and time
    • Ask for a service
    • Give directions for a city / a country
    • Give instructions or advice
    • Accept something: Agree to something
    • Refuse something: Disagree with something

     Sociocultural Topics

    • Greetings (when meeting people)
    • Simple expressions to express politeness: excuse me, please, sorry, thank you
    • Informal you and Formal you
    • Communication skills:
    • How to write an informal letter, message, invitation, postcard, email
    • Filling up forms
    • Reading short notices, posters and advertisements


    A1 Level
    3 Months
    ₹14500 / $180 / €185
    24X7 Support by Teacher
    Thrice a Week Classes
    Individual Attention
    Unlimited free revision sessions
    Group of maximum 5 Students
    Focused on LSRW(Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)
    Lifetime access to books, audios, videos, recorded sessions and study material over Google drive
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