Hello, salut!

My name is Fadila and I am a native English speaker from South Africa. I am a second year language student – French and English – and I am interested in all the methods and paths to learning a foreign language. I am curious about exactly how people do it, how they incorporate it in their lives, especially when not living in the country of the language they’re learning, like me!

I want to share the things that work for me and exactly how they work, also, what I’ve learned, where I’ve failed and how I stay motivated through it all. If you are interested in or going through the same thing, I hope you find encouragement and help in my posts but most of all know that you are not alone, this is hard work and takes tremendous effort and time, but it’s certainly possible!

Feel free to share your tips and methods with me, I am really curious to know the details of your journey too .

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